20 weeks and counting!

It has been awhile.

I’ve been so busy…

We’re going to have a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a new toilet downstairs and a porch built. We have decided to can the double storey extension as it is too expensive! It’s ridiculous!

Baby wise,  I have a little bump now and sometimes I can feel the baby kicking! It is a nice feeling. I can’t wait when the kicks are stronger so my husband could feel it too!

We have also bought a travel system (pram/pushchair) and a cot from eBay! We think we got it at a good bargain.

We have also decided to find out the sex of our baby. Husband prefers a girl. I prefer a boy…I think! Ah well, at least one of us will be happy but I’m sure we’ll be fine either way! We will know in a few weeks time!

We have also started training our dogs by buying a crying/laughing baby doll! They seem really excited at first and wanted to jump up to see what’s going on. Peanut is fine now. Once she had a sniff, she was fine. Buddy was more excited. I think he actually knows that it is a toy. He doesn’t want to rip it apart but he just wants to sniff it and find out why it’s crying. He knows not to go into the nursery too. When I carried the doll into the nursery, he wanted to follow me. I am very proud of him! It took only 2 ‘NO!!’ for him to understand that the nursery is out of bounds. He would wait outside for me while I pretend to walk round the nursery with the ‘baby’ in my arms! What a good boy!

Peanut wasn’t bothered. She would just leave us alone.

Well I hope when the baby is here they will be alright with it. I’m sure they will be. They are good dogs!

In the meantime, we have this renovation at home to look forward too and I’m also going to start looking at herbs and recipes for confinement!

Confinement refers to the 3 months after childbirth. It is for the mother to restore her health after childbirth. She must have adequate rest and consume nutritious food. Yes FOOD. Yum. I always enjoyed the confinement food my mum cooks for my sisters. It has lots of ginger and wine in it!

I won’t be going back to SIngapore to give birth and my mum can’t come so I’ll have to teach my husband how to cook them for me. Luckily one of my sisters bought me a book full of confinement food recipes so I think it will be ok. I just need to find the herbs required. I have also decided to make my own glutinous rice wine too! It is required for lots of the recipe and I can’t seem to find any here. It’s quite simple to make. I just need to get all the tools and ingredients!

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Good Neighbours, Bad Neighbours

I like my neighbours…except for one family.

We are currently planning to have our house extended. A few of our neighbours are naturally concerned. Our immediate neighbour was worried that he could hear what we were doing in the new toilet downstairs! My mother-in-law who was house-sitting and dog-sitting for us told him that we would have to fart 150 decibles for him to hear it. He laughed and said that’s true and he was ok with our plans.

A few days later, we saw a comment from one of our neighbours who lives 4 houses away from us on the council planning website. He said he didn’t have the chance to talk to us as we were out of the country. It’s strange that a few neighbours came to talk to my MIL and yet he couldn’t do that? Maybe he wanted to talk to us instead of my MIL, fine..I accept that..but we were back before he submitted the comment!

On the comment form, he said he wasn’t prepared for the front path to be used (we live in a row of terrace houses. We are at the end and to get to our property, we have to walk past his house) for transporting building materials. His main reason was that his two year old girl plays in the front garden and the path!

Ok you can play in your garden all you want, the path is not your property! It is also our intention to ask the builders to use the back path anyway so that our neighbours will not be inconvenienced! He is also lying because they both work and I am sure the child is not being looked after at home. If he is so concerned about his child safety, why has he removed the fence and not replaced it with another one for the past 1 year?

What really annoyed me is the fact that he had to point out that the applicant (my husband) is not the owner of the house (me!). He got the information from the land registry and to get this information, you have to pay £3 for it! OMG! He actually did that?? I also found out he is a solicitor specialising in debt recovery. So I think either he had paid the £3 to get the information or used the data at his workplace for personal interest! GRRR! This is so petty of him to do that!

We checked with the planning officer and apparently anyone can make a planning application, not just the home owner!

This really annoyed me because this person is out to have our planning application rejected!!! What a twat!!!  He’s not a very neighbourly person anyway. When it snows, he is never there to help clear the snow so cars can move up and down our lane! This is how selfish and annoying he is!! Also the wife never smiles back when I smile and say hello to her… -_-

I have also started to put my dogs on the lead whenever we walk past his house in case he tries to find fault with us or say we have two “dangerous dogs” (they are not!). You never know what people are capable of!

Anyway, I have decided… they are not going to get a Christmas card from me this year or ever! HAHAHA!!

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I have just discovered that if my father were still alive, he would be 81 years old this year! So old!

My mother had me when she was 38. I am now 36… My father died 36 years ago… He died of cancer when I was 7 months old.

Besides being almost aborted (!!!!!), someone also tried to get my mum to sell me off to a childless rich couple!

I suppose this woman was looking out for my mother… and also a big fat commission. It was hard for my mother because besides me she also had to look after my two older sisters. Fortunately, my mum declined the offer!

I don’t know much about my father but my mum would make out like he is a really strict and fierce person. He also has a good sense of humour …so I guess I am just like him? hehe

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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

My new year’s resolutions are:

1. Read 15 books this year.

2. Nag at my husband less and encourage him more (this is going to be hard!!)

3. Complete my photography project – I don’t know what yet!! Perhaps a photo a month?

4. Get fit.. (i think this is already a goner by the time I’ve finished writing this sentence..)

What is/are yours or have you already given up?? Ha ha ha!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Christmas Haiku

Family and Friends,

Crackers, presents and Eggnog,

Best Christmas Ever!

Christmas_0206 copy

Christmas_0129 copy

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