Tea Anyone?

My husband, Ali, was researching about restaurants in Japan and came across one called KinMATA.

I read it as Kintama.. and I thought.. Kintama…hmm it sounds familiar..  Kintama? KINTAMA?!

Yes Kintama.. 金玉 means golden egg  and is a Japanese slang for Testicles!! I don’t know why I remember words like this..

In Chinese, the translation of Kintama is ‘Golden Jade’.  So it was ok for  Coca Cola (Singapore) to have a drink called 金玉茶 aka Kintama Tea aka Testicle Tea aka Golden Jade Tea. HAHAHA

Here is a picture of it

My friend from Japan bought a few cans to give it to his friends as souvenirs.

I think word got around and they changed the name of the tea. What a pity!

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