Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Today is Buddy’s third birthday!

Buddy has been living with us since May 2010. He was abandoned on the 27th of April 2010! 😦

He was tied to the fence near the rugby club which is just a few minutes away from our house. I didn’t find him actually. My MIL did.

She saw a crowd near the fence and it turned out, there was a Staffy tied to the fence with a bag of food and a note next to it. I am not sure what time Buddy was left there but he was discovered around 7am. There were many dog walkers there and they weren’t sure what to do with him as no one could have him. MIL stepped in and decided to bring him home!



The first time we met Buddy

He is such a lovely and happy dog. From the note, I can see that his ex-owners did love him but i think they didn’t have the time or money for him anymore. Buddy had a very bad tummy when we first had him and one of the tin food that was left in the bag was for dogs with tummy problems. He is okay now after we changed his diet to chicken and rice.

Buddy went to live with my MIL first as we weren’t sure if we could handle another dog. We changed our mind when MIL told us how good natured he is! So on the 5th of May, Buddy came to stay with us!

He is so well trained! Much better than Peanut Butter! He comes when you call him. He is very smart too. It didn’t take long to teach him to give me the paw. He loves playing fetch. He knows when you ask him to get his ball and he gets so excited, he starts shaking and wiggling his bum!

He knows his place in the family too. He knows he’s at the bottom haha! He gives in to Peanut Butter all the time and looks after her too!

Most dog walkers who live near us know Buddy and his story. They would say what a good boy he is. When Buddy was accused of ripping a puppy’s head off (it didn’t happen!!), a lot of the dog walkers supported us and were willing to talk to the police as they know Buddy would never do that.

He is such a lovely boy and I am so glad he is part of our family!

Happy Birthday, Buddy boy! x

Enjoying his favourite snack – pig’s ear

Nap Time

Waiting for a ball to be thrown for him

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